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The Log Peeler
We are now offering our peeler to other contractors and individual home builders for peeling services. There is a wide range in log sizes that we can handle so our peeling service will work well for most whole log operations. We can peel logs from 16 to 60 feet long and 10 to 24 inches in diameter. Prices for peeling will be determined by log size and volume. Logs must be reasonably clean. The machine peeled logs not only look better but are easier to work with.

Our log peeler has added a new dimension to our homes. Not only has the peeler eliminated the most grueling work from our job, but it gives our logs a smoother look! That gives our homes a cleaner more finished appearance.

Seasoned - Hand peeled
Red Pine Logs - 44' long

The same logs as left - only machine peeled
(note the smooth appearance)

New home using seasoned machine peeled logs.

Interior Corner - Shrink fit notch
Machine peeled logs

Exterior Corner - Shrink fit notch
Machine peeled logs


Roof Purlin - Machine peeled
White Pine ceiling paneling

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