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Standard Log Shell and Logs Only Shell - General Specifications

Ojibwa Log Homes Standard Log Shell will be built to conform to the specifications recommended by the International Log Builders Association

Some of the many things that are included in the Standard Log Shell but not limited to are.

Full length Red or White Pine Peeled and Treated. All logs are winter cut and seasoned to help reduce shrinkage, checking and staining. Log size is average, considering taper.

Double Scribed Lateral joints with Shrink Fit notches on the corners. The Notches and Laterals will be insulated with a foam strip and fiberglass insulation. This system works well to control checking and provides for a airtight and efficient building

The wall height will run approx. 9' to 9' 6" in height. The logs are secured by hardwood dowels, splines at the window and door openings and square notches on the caplogs and tielogs. Log loft floor joists are flattened and set level to accept flooring. Tie logs are used where required. Penetreat preservative is used in the checking kerf in the lateral joints. The log ends past the corner extend approx. 2', they are trimmed and sanded. Wiring is roughed in for the exterior wall outlets. The wall slots for where the interior partitions meet the log wall are cut to allow settlage and trim. A penetrating preservative oil finish is applied inside and out on the wall logs.

Windows and Doors
The window and door openings are cut with log ends sanded. A 2" x 4" key is notched into the log ends on both sides of the opening to allow for settlage and fastening of the framing.

Roof Support

The roof support is typically full length log beams, which would be a Center Beam with 2 Purlins on each side in between the Center Beam and the wall ( Caplog ). The beams are supported on each end with a 2" x 6" framed wall with posts under the beams. Log posts are used for the center roof support from the beams to the loft floor joists. A log bearing post with a screw jack will carry to the floor. Log railing with spindles are worked into the center posts to close the loft end. The log beams will extend approx. 4' on the gable ends for the roofing overhang. The beams are set up to a 9/12 pitch. The roof pitch is cut on the caplog making the beam work ready to accept the roof.

Double Insulated Roof System

The roof pictured below, beamwork would not be included in a logs only package. Ojibwa Log Homes uses a Double Insulated Roof System (pictured below). The standard system is 2" x 12" rafters with a (R-30 Rating). Optional systems available: For insulative value

The Roof in a Standard Shell Package includes the following:

  1. Ceiling: 1" x 8" T&G Pine Carsiding
  2. Vapor Barrier: 6 mil poly & 30# Felt
  3. Rafters: 2" x 12" SPF
  4. Insulation: 9"x 24" FF Fiberglass (R-30)
  5. Sheeting: 1/2" OSB
  6. Underlayment: 30# Felt
  7. Metal Drip Edge
  8. Shingles: Standard 240# 3-tab Asphalt
  9. Fascia: Three layers of Pine stacked fascia
  10. Vents: Ridge vent on the peak Soffit vent under the fascia

Roughed in for the living room fan light with one switch and a loft fan light with a three way switch, plus wall outlet rough in.

Logs, Labor, and materials to set up on your foundation and floor. Freight is not included as that is variable depending on where the structure is to be erected. Setup requires access to all sides for Boom Truck or Crane.

We have several package prices figured out for a few basic sizes in a standard log shell and a logs only shell. For prices send us your address.

Ojibwa Log Homes does not build Kit Homes, but we will work with Owners on plans, and doing more or less as you may require.

For more information, CLICK HERE to contact us.

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