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Double Scribed Joinery

Double Scribed Joinery

Ojibwa Log Homes offers quality craftsmanship with the natural beauty of Handcrafted joinery. Over the years we have experimented and used over a dozen notches and joinery systems, all have advantages and disadvantages. There is a considerable amount of time and expense no matter how you do it. The difference between the easiest or cheapest and the best in joinery is not that great if you consider the cost of the entire project.

Ojibwa Log Homes has chosen the Double Scribed Lateral with Shrink-Fit notches for our main joinery system. The Double Scribe is designed for green logs and controls checking well along with the airtightness of the joint that is produced, we feel it is the Top Of The Line in log joinery.

Ojibwa Log Homes always uses seasoned logs. Our homes are designed for shrinkage and settling. The settlage is an advantage since that is what keeps the joints tight, there will be no need for caulking or chinking.

Double Scribed Joinery
The Double Scribed Laterals and Shrink-Fit Notches are insulated with a foam strip to the outside and fiberglass sillseal to the inside for an Airtight joint.

Shrink-Fit Notches


Chink Style Joinery

Chink Style Joinery is also available for those who like the look of chinked lateral joints.

The Chink Style also works well in a few structural situations such as multiple wall heights where differential settlage would be an issue.

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