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Building Details

An Optional Log Truss can be used to enhance the effect

log home

Shrinkage and Settlage

Settlage is dealt with in the Double Scribed Joinery in several ways and is worked into the building design. Here are a few examples of settlage details for the interior frame walls.


Kitchen wall framing
(furring out kitchen wall to hang cabinets)


Framed wall intersecting a log wall (2x4 framing fastened to log wall-wallboard on 2x4 wall - then the trim board is set in the slot notched in the log wall to cover the wall intersection.

A screwjack is built into a framed wall - Note, the space between the log, loft joints and lower frame wall. (Settling Space) The screwjack is a bolt and nut with washer that would need to be adjusted seasonally with other settlage adjustments. The screwjack would need to be covered with removable trim for accessibility.

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